Living The Optimum


Each of us brings a unique gift to the collective experience. As you continue your journey of self-exploration you are raising your vibration to uncover and offer your unique gift. My greatest desire and the reason I offer this program is to have a group of individuals that are aware of their bodies, physically and emotionally, and they are able to use their influence to put their unique love and light back into the collective whole so that our world will be a place to experience love not fear. Love is the answer…what was the question?

  • Examples: - Claiming my worth - Finding my courage - Changing my negative thought patterns - Managing daily ups and downs -Creating more meaning and purpose in my life -Staying in consistent action with my recovery -Productivity and time management -Increasing my energy -Clarity on my goals and life direction -Resetting my ability to co-create -Increased awareness on the power of intention -Learning how to set boundaries with others -Learning how to set boundaries with self -Connecting to my needs and wants -Finding joy in a lifestyle of moderation -Managing my reaction -Staying out of judgment -Utilizing positive affirmations -Overcoming fear and limiting beliefs
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