What would if feel like to walk into a room self-assured and radiating from within knowing that you are fully recovered from how you have held yourself limited in the past through your use of food. What if there was a system to help you maintain your recovery from using food as a coping tool?

How would it feel to be in partnership with yourself and not have food or body image be a struggle?

Do you struggle with how you relate to food or use food as a numbing agent or as a mask to wear so the rest of the world doesn’t see your pain? Has the fear of gaining weight or maintaining a magic number been the obsession that has kept you from focusing on what you want and need to be happy?

Have you gone to restaurants after you have looked at the menu on-line to decide what you will eat because the anxiety otherwise would be too overwhelming? Do you swing from all or nothing? Do you struggle with body-esteem? Would you rather be alone, skip the party or spend panicked moments in your closet because you just don’t measure up?

How would it feel to adopt the motto, “do it scared,” and conquer your disordered relationship with food?


Your confidence coming from a deep well within you, anchored to your ability to tune into your intuitive knowing; the constant chatter of not being good enough…gone.

You’re fully aligned with being in connection with yourself.

Your awareness is intentionally connected to what makes you vibrate on a highly tuned frequency so much so that you are free from being hyper aware of the outside world because you are able to shift your focus to your inner world….with ease.

You don’t let your energy drain out of you due to fear.

You feel courageous, clear, and in control of your inner emotional world. Living from the optimum, not perfection is what High Vibe Soul Society is all about!

Welcome to Living the Optimum!


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Is High Vibe Soul Society Right for Me?

Do you help with Body Image Issues?
High Vibe Soul Society celebrates all that our bodies do for us each day. The focus is on what we have available to amp-up and show-up in a big, strong, bold, courageous, and loving way for ourselves. Your mental health and your ability to tune into what is going on internally is key to ending your body image struggles. The program is designed to continually provide a safe space to address your struggles with body image.
How is coaching me for my Eating Disorder different than therapy?
The emphasis of coaching is on action and accountability in the present to facilitate strategies for achieving specific goals.

High Vibe Soul Society offers coaching for your disordered thoughts and behaviors to help you maintain a high-level, highly vibrating mindset, while aiming to maximize your desire to be recovered from issues with food and struggles with body image.

The emphasis of therapy also addresses the present while addressing the past in order to understand how the past might be impacting progress. During your application process both options will be considered and if therapy is a better fit for where you are at in your struggle with food–referrals will be made.

My relationships suffer from my disordered eating; will this program help?
YES! The whole foundation of this program is built around you learning to have a relationship with yourself. Your ability to communicate your needs and wants within your relationship with others hinges on how you honor your relationship with self.
I need help, but really can't afford it right now, although your program is exactly what I need to keep momentum going.
High Vibe Soul Society is willing to work with you regarding payment plans. The program is an investment in yourself and your recovery. Coaching does cost money, as any trained athlete will tell you, the push to keep going is greatly increased by support.
We want all participants to feel the investment is the best way to move from feeling isolated in their recovery to feeling supported by the abundance of support the program offers. During your application process, you might find clarity regarding where the fear of investing is coming from and allow yourself the opportunity to explore options that increase your ability to expand vs. contract in your approach to your recovery.
Are you tired of struggling with thoughts about your body but don't know how to get out of your head? Do you use food to cope for feeling and know you're self-sabotaging?
Often times distorted thoughts about your body are the last thoughts to go when you have been in a habitual pattern of believing something is wrong with your body. We absolutely address fixed mindsets and how to get out of limited thinking. One of the pillars of our program is the on-call coaching component and the private on-line community you will have access to once you become a member. Your recovery with body image issues will be greatly enhanced by ensuring you have many pillars supporting the foundation of your recovery.
Do you use food to cope for feeling and know your self-sabotaging?
Within your awareness and intuitive knowing, you aren’t in denial.That’s a fabulous place to be!!!What this means is you can learn to realign with your awareness and move from reactive functioning into a response in regard to your feelings. There are a number of tools to help you learn how to do so embedded within the 6-month program of High Vibe Soul Society.
You feel yourself slipping into habitual old patterns and need accountability.
If you have been in recovery for a while and found you don’t have the support you need, and now old thought patterning has crept back into your daily life, you need some relapse prevention. Eating disorders can often times be isolating if you haven’t found your tribe. Community and connection is paramount to your recovery success. The group support offered through High Vibe Soul Society is based on helping you get clear on what recovery success means to you. You will get a lot of tools to help you rewire dysfunctional patters but you will also get a community that wants the same thing you do: Joy in Recovery!


I KNOW it’s possible to overcome your struggle with food!
It is possible to be recovered from an eating disorder.

I know this because I have counseled women in my psychotherapy practice to maintain and align with being recovered. I know this because being in recovery is an action of personal daily realignment for myself.

I no longer “hide-out” and I can show you how to move from limiting yourself to owning your gifts. I believe in abundance and in the process of owning your story. I know what it means to move from living out of your story to transcending the story and owning each moment through the tools I offer in this program.

I created Living the Optimum because I know how amazing it feels to go from feeling totally isolated to being in partnership with yourself! I am committed to removing the stigma around what it means to be in recovery, to aim for being recovered, and to celebrate with a community of like-minded women as space is held for healing. It’s magical and powerful. I believe there is an alchemy that happens within us when we stop hiding out and holding ourselves limited.

Are you ready to be in partnership with yourself?

This program is the added bonus to your recovery: this is your opportunity to invest in you.

Being a member of HIGH VIBE SOUL SOCIETY is the antidote to your eating disorder and this is how we ensure you feel safe making the investment:

"Wow such good timing! I just used an exercise in Amp up My Toolbox and I am in a completely different state of mind." - Sara M
"I want to thank you, my mom thanks you, my kids thank you, all of my relationships have been touched by your program." - Abby L.
"Thank you for all of your help in pushing me to share my fears and vulnerabilities with my partner. I greatly appreciate you." - Amanda R

This program is specific to you; shedding what doesn’t serve you in your life, and it will give you the support to begin the process of creating the life you want.

  • You will learn the differentiating markers of the wounded parts of you (limited, fixed mindset) vs. the functional parts of you (expanded, growth mindset) and how to live from a moderate place.
  • You will learn how to set boundaries for yourself and others.
  • You will begin to explore your needs and wants, maybe for the first time ever from a healthy perspective.
  • You will learn to no longer turn to food or other limiting behaviors to medicate your feelings.
  • You will have more confidence in living life from an adult mindset vs. the fragmented experience that happens when the wounded self drives our decision-making. The outcome is self-assurance, self-esteem, and a connection to your intuitive higher self that no longer acts in self-sabotaging ways.
  • You will learn how to turn your dysfunctional beliefs into empowered beliefs that honor your value system through identifying what you find valuable, not what you told yourself was valuable when you were younger or how others have viewed what is valuable. This is about YOU!
  • You get to choose to be an entirely new splendid version of you that has always been there but didn’t know how to be fully courageous enough to turn the dimmer switch up.
  • You will learn to dig deep until you are on the bedrock of what is driving your feelings. The outcome is learning to connect to the highest lesson available to us even when circumstances would suggest there isn’t one.

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The necessary tools are all here to help you keep the momentum of the recovery process high. You receive:

  • Twelve live one-on-one coaching calls, at a value of $2,160.00
  • Twelve group live, recorded calls a month, at a value of $2,160.00
  • Private, membership to High Vibe Soul Society
  • Your own self-paced, Amp up my toolbox for your weekly guided audio, writing, visual aids and creative exploration lessons to boost your recovery process at a value of $4,320.00

Living the Optimum’s 6-month coaching program is offered to a limited number of participants. Once the doors close to the program, they won’t open again for another six months. I am committed to making sure each participant gets the coaching they need which is why I keep the numbers small. You can be a part of High Vibe Soul Society and have a lifetime membership for $4,200.00. Payment plans are available.

The application process will answer the specifics in regard to your concerns and will be the gauge of whether or not you are ready for coaching. This will be the time to get to know your options. The application process will make every effort to ensure that those that are actively engaging in eating disorder behavior seek counselling before they are accepted into High Vibe Soul Society. The number of participants within the six-month program is kept small and ensures that I am able to maintain 100% commitment to your recovery.

If you are ready for your clarity call fill out the application here:

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“I’m ready to be a High Vibe Soul and Live from the Optimum.”

“I’m ready to feel confident in my recovery and shift from wondering if it’s possible to claim my divine right to live free from negative thoughts about my body or obsessions about food.”

“I’m ready to live a life with intention and commitment to what makes me happy.”

“I’m ready to learn the skills that it takes to be transparent and free of the shame that I have felt from having used food to hide, to not feel, to stay safe.”

It is said that often times we talk ourselves well. By sharing your process and being guiding and nudged if need be to dig deeper, you will learn how to be your own guide and coach.

The validation you get from using your intuitive process and the guidance you get to dig deeper is the heart of this program.

This is about learning that you always had the answer, the key, that you are capable of using your intuition to live out what you know is your truth.

If negative choices have left you feeling like you have no idea how to accomplish that but you are eager to learn, this is for you.

If you want to approach life from a place of using your experience as a tool for growth, this is it.

P.S. Early stages of recovery can feel raw and isolating as you are learning how to implement new skills and replace old patterns of behavior. You don’t have to struggle through this process. Support is a necessary part of recovery. You don’t have to figure it all out on your own. It is a powerful choice to choose you and your continued commitment to your overcoming your dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors surrounding food. I would be honored to support and guide you on your journey